Photo albums

Drawing-Competition for Children

Drawing-Competition for Children - ARACA 2016

Here are the pictures, drawn by the eleven participants.

GʊGʊ 8, Pages 1 - 2

"Knowing for Being" and "Sun"

"Knowing for Being" and "Sun" were two publications which existed long before "GʊGʊ" was launched. You can read some original pages here as scans.

In GʊGʊ there is an article which is telling about those early efforts. You can read the article here: Page 1 and Page 2. Or you can listen here: Pages 1+2 as mp3-recording (work in progress)


Until December 2016, there were many proverbs here presented as a series of photos. Meanwhile the proverbs have moved to their own website, which is located at

There, you can find not only decorated proverbs, but also audio-recordings, meanings and several translation (including English).

GʊGʊ 7, Pages 4 - 5

Anii Kings

Here we present photos of all Anii kings as taken during a meeting in December 2013 at Saramanga. Please read here on Page 4 and on Page 5 a report about that event. You can even listen to that article: Pages 4+5 (mp3)

Reading wall stewards

Each of our reading walls has got two people in charge. They received training at the GʊGʊ office. Since then they have been helping the population in their respective village or part of town to read the magazine which is being displayed. Enjoy their photos.

GʊGʊ 5, Pages 6 - 7

Traditional Food

Here are some photos to complement the article about traditional food. When those photos where taken, several dishes were being cooked. So not all photos concern the dish called "Mbooɖakala". You can read the article here: Page 6 and Page 7. Or you can listen to it here: Pages 6+7 as mp3

GʊGʊ 4, Pages 4 - 5

Cashew nuts processing

Here are lots of photos to complement the article about cashew nuts. You can read the article here: Page 4 and Page 5. Or you can listen to it here: Pages 4+5 as mp3

Reading walls

Now you can find photos of all reading walls. Our magazine is currently presented on 25 reading walls and in 11 higher schools as well as at the taxi station of the Zemijans in Bassila.

The GʊGʊ team

Here you can see photos of the GʊGʊ team members with their names. We keep showing former team members, since their contributions to the magazine stay available, too.

GʊGʊ 1, Pages 1 - 2

Opening ceremony

On Monday 17th of October 2011 we had the official opening ceremony for our magazine GʊGʊ at the SIL office in Bassila-Adjégoulé. The District Governor, ATTA Amidou, cut the red ribbon. The GʊGʊ team and several guests attended the launch. Some of the journalists from the local radio FM Kouffè were also present. The launch took place at the first reading wall in Bassila.