Merci Openclipart

Gɩ tɩ sala [Openclipart] kaŋkulo, aɖʊwaa ŋkǝŋ na gɩ na ŋǝ atakɔ́lɩ kɩfoto tuutuuma na laa.

Nous remercions l’équipe de Openclipart qui a fourni la plupart des illustrations.

Openclipart Scissors Logo Guide Horizontal

The Anii language development project – on behalf of the Anii population – would like to say a very big thank-you to all the contributors of Openclipart! Below are some of their avatars to represent the entire community. Not only do they create lovely clipart; they make it available in the Public Domain, which is very gracious and generous.

In fact, this generosity allows us to broadcast (for free) one decorated proverb each week by WhatsApp, and to allow our WhatsApp subscribers to pass on those decorated proverbs to more friends in turn.

Please have a look at and encourage the contributors by visiting and using the website. Or even better, please consider making your own illustrations available there too.

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